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Silicone Fresh Food Feeder - Replacement L size Pouch

Has your little one chewed through the silicone pouch on their Haakaa Fresh Food Feeder? Simply swap it out with a brand new one and your child can get right back to experiencing the flavour and texture of solid foods while also building independence, learning to self-feed and improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!


Our feeder pouch is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is more hygienic and durable than mesh alternatives, which can harbour bacteria, absorb odours and tear.


Please note: Solid food is recommended for babies 4-6 months+. Please consult your midwife or medical professional if introducing solids earlier.


  • Soft silicone pouch with small holes for easy feeding that only allow small, digestible pieces to pass through.


  • 100% silicone design makes the feeder safe for your child to chew and suck on.


  • Encourages your child to self-feed, builds independence, develops confidence and improves hand-eye coordination.


  • Doesn't absorb odours or breed bacteria like mesh alternatives.


  • PVC, BPA & phthalate-free.


  • Microwave steriliser and dishwasher safe.

Silicone Fresh Food Feeder - Replacement L size Pouch

  • 您的孩子是否咀嚼過 Haakaa 矽膠蔬果防漏咀嚼餵食器的矽膠網袋?只需將其換成全新的,您的孩子就可以立即恢復體驗固體食物的風味和質地,同時建立獨立性、學習自我餵養並提高他們的手眼協調能力和精細運動技能!

    我們的餵食網袋由 100% 食品級矽膠製成,比布網袋更衛生、更耐用,布網袋會滋生細菌、吸收異味和撕裂。

    請注意:建議 4-6 個月以上的嬰兒食用固體食物。如果較早引入固體,請諮詢您的助產士或醫療專業人員。


    • 柔軟的矽膠袋帶有小孔,便於餵食,只允許小的、易消化的碎片通過。


    • 100% 矽膠設計讓您的孩子可以安全地咀嚼和吮吸餵食器。


    • 鼓勵您的孩子自食其力,建立獨立性,培養自信心並改善手眼協調能力。


    • 不會像布網袋那樣吸收異味或滋生細菌。


    • 不含 PVC、BPA 和鄰苯二甲酸鹽。


    • 微波爐消毒器和洗碗機安全。