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Silicone Penguin Nasal Aspirator

Haakaa's Silicone Penguin Nasal Aspirator is the quick, quiet, and efficient way to clear your little one's stuffy, runny nose! Our aspirator is made of soft, food-grade silicone and sucks up mucus with a gentle squeeze, clearing your baby's airways and helping them breathe easier.

This aspirator features a dual-valve design that ensures no backflow into your child's nose, and two tip sizes to choose from - making it ideal for all noses! It's simple to use and fully detachable for thorough cleaning so no mould or bacteria will hang around. The aspirator body is transparent with measurement markers on the side, so you can see how much mucus has been collected. It's lightweight, portable and ready for any snotty emergencies while you're out and about!

The Tube Cleaning Brush is designed to get into the tiny nooks and crannies of the nasal aspirator, so no nasties can grow in between uses!




•     Utilises the power of natural suction. 


•     Easy-squeeze, super-soft silicone is gentle on little noses. 


•     Dual-valve design prevents fluid from flowing back out of the tip. 


•     Two tip sizes to choose from - suitable for all ages. 


•     Disassembles for easy cleaning. 


•     Lightweight and portable. 


•     Measurements on the container body help you to keep track of fluid output. 


•     Can be boiled to sterilise. 


•     Made of 100% food-grade silicone. 


•     Tube Cleaning Brush reaches all areas of the aspirator for a complete clean. 


•     BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. 

Silicone Penguin Nasal Aspirator

  • Haakaa矽膠企鵝吸鼻器是一種快速、安靜、有效的方法來清除您孩子的鼻塞、流鼻涕!我們的吸鼻器由柔軟的醫用級矽膠製成,輕輕擠壓即可吸出粘液,清潔寶寶的呼吸道並幫助他們更輕鬆地呼吸。

    這款吸鼻器採用雙閥門設計,可確保不會回流到您孩子的鼻子內,並且有兩種吸頭尺寸可供選擇 - 非常適合所有鼻子!它使用簡單,完全可拆卸,可徹底清潔,因此不會滋生黴菌或細菌殘留。吸鼻器主體是透明的,側面帶有容量標示,因此您可以看到收集了多少粘液。 它輕巧便攜,可在您外出時應對任何流鼻涕的緊急情況!




    ● 利用自然吸力。


    ● 超柔軟矽膠易於擠壓,對小鼻子很溫和。


    ● 雙閥門設計防止液體從吸頭倒流。


    ● 兩種吸頭尺寸可供選擇,適合所有年齡。


    ● 可拆卸方便清洗。


    ● 輕巧便攜。


    ● 主體上的容器標示可幫助您馬上掌握多少液體被吸出。


    ● 可煮沸消毒。


    ● 管道清潔刷可徹底清潔吸鼻器的每一個角落。


    ● 由100%食品級矽膠製成。

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